Constructıon and contractıng

Within the scope of construction and contracting works, Nuryol Construction carries out different expertise and experience based activities in service groups related to all kinds of building and infrastructure projects. High-rise buildings, shopping and commercial centers, hotels, resorts, irrigation facilities, tunnels, highways, reinforced concrete silos, ground stabilization and foundation piling are all in this context. Nuryol Construction, their projects helped to grow local economies and improved the living standards of societies and individuals.



In addition to our stone quarries in the province of Sakarya and the Bogazay stone quarries in Antalya, we are also providing services with our screening facilities in the district of Sakarya. On the other hand, we have been working with Dubai Gulf Quarry in Dubai.


We started our activities in the energy field with the establishment and commissioning of hydroelectric power plants. To date, we have installed more than 100MW hydroelectric power plants to our economy. We are also working on renewable energy sources and we are about to commission our 3×4.2MW biogas plant.